After-sales service
After-sale Service
Purpose: Handle customer complaints quickly, effectively, fairly and fairly, do a good job of after-sales service, protect consumer interests, strive to maintain corporate reputation, and promote the stability and improvement of product quality.

Principles of Implementation

(1) Implement two-level after-sales service system of regional general distribution and imio enterprise customer service center.

(2) Each regional marketing center of Imio Enterprise is responsible for all after-sales service responsibilities and preliminary identification.

(3) Imio Enterprise Customer Service Center is the final arbiter of all complaints and handles complaints.


Quality Assurance Card and Quality Feedback Form

(1) The Imio Enterprise Quality Assurance Card and Quality Feedback Form are uniformly produced, issued, archived and managed by Kofi Enterprise.

(2) The serial number must be registered when issuing the warranty card and feedback form. When agents and distributors at all levels complete their sales with customers, they should also take the initiative to explain the card's functions and related matters to the user and ask the user to fill it out; if the user fails to fill in the quality feedback form for his own reasons and fails to obtain the warranty card, Imio is deemed to have waived the warranty and maintenance rights automatically.

(3) When a customer finds a product quality problem during the warranty period, he can use the warranty card and sales certificate to request the fulfillment of after-sales service commitments (see the warranty card and production table for details).

Processing program

(1) According to the bad conditions after installation and during use, the customer calls the general agent or the Imio Enterprise Customer Service Center to complain according to the quality assurance card obtained.

(2) After receiving the complaint, the acceptors at all levels should fill in the "Customer Complaint Acceptance Form" and quickly send people to the scene to make a preliminary identification and determine the responsible party, and they should promptly and properly handle it. If it is initially determined that it is indeed a floor quality problem, the Imio Enterprise Customer Service Center will send someone to properly handle it, fill in the "Complaint Handling Registration Form" and report it to the Customer Service Center for filing.

(3) If it is determined that it is due to non-floor quality reasons such as improper installation, transportation damage, etc., the responsible party should be confirmed. If it is the company's responsibility, the Imio Enterprise Customer Service Center is responsible for repair, replacement, compensation, etc., and report to the Customer Service Center for archives Filing; if it is the responsibility of agents or distributors at all levels, the company will assist and urge the responsible party to assume responsibility and deal with it accordingly.

(4) After receiving customer complaints, each center should arrive at the scene within the following 24 hours and 48 hours outside the port to confirm the responsibility and deal with it accordingly. The transportation, accommodation and other expenses incurred in handling customer complaints shall be borne by the party responsible.

(5) Imio Enterprise Customer Service Center should regularly organize customer complaint files, and major or representative cases should be reported to the general manager of the company and the corresponding departments.

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